BASc in Financial Technology

What is Financial Technology?


Financial Technologies (FinTech) refers to the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of financial services. It is a new emerging interdisciplinary area with very high impact on the economy of every society.

We are living in a complex world in which matters are interconnected. The challenges we are facing require skills and knowledge that go beyond a single discipline. The Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree programmes aim at nurturing future leaders with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to address the contemporary and future challenges of the ever-changing world.


The BASc(FinTech) degree programme is jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics, with the support from the Faculty of Law. Being an interdisciplinary effort, the programme combines subjects on computing, finance, and policies and regulations to give students a thorough grounding in the FinTech discipline. This becomes a general future-proof toolkit for working at the intersection of business and technology both inside and outside of finance. The main objective of the programme is to nurture financial technologists and entrepreneurs with essential knowledge in both finance and technology for taking up a leading role in innovation and applications of Financial Technology.

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