BEng in Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

  • Computer science is not just programming and study of computers, but rather is about problem solving – the study of algorithms and information representation to make productive use of computing technologies.

  • The discipline ranges from theoretical studies of computation to design and implementation of complex computer systems.

  • A young but fast growing discipline.

  • Having profound impact on the society and our daily lives.

Wiring that forms the backbone of the CS Department’s Gideon-II Super Cluster


▶️ Decide how to decide ▶️ Make your decision protocol 🛠 Exercise: Make your protocol ▶️ Get unstuck 🧭 Journaling Reflection 🔍 Practices, Case Studies & Resources

Digital Communication Tools

▶️ A shared map of your tools 📄 The trinity of digital comms 📄Introducing new tools 🛠 Exercise: Map your tools ▶️ Loomio - Asynchronous decisions 📄 Tips for remote teams 🔍 Practice, Case Study, Resources

Introduction (click to expand)

▶️ Course Introduction (free preview) 📄 Decentralised Team Self-assessment 🧭 Focus your learning ▶️ What is a Decentralised Organisation (free preview)

Rhythm & Retrospectives

▶️Align priorities with rhythm 🛠Exercise: Rhythm mapping ▶️Retros: stop, reflect, & learn 🧭Journaling 🔍Practice, Case Study, Resources

Roles & Accountability

▶️Distributing tasks & roles 🧭Journaling ▶️Holding each other Accountability 🛠Exercise: accountability mapping 🔍Practice, Case Study, Resources

Money & Power

▶️Collaborative money decisions ▶️Unpacking money stories 🛠Exercise: My money story ▶️Power dynamics at work 🧭Journaling 🔍Practice, Case Study, Resources

Self & Culture

▶️The self in self-management 🛠Exercise: mindful breathing ▶️Growth mindset 🧭Journaling ▶️Growing a team culture 🛠Exercise: working with difference 🔍Practice, Case study, Resources

Trust & Care

▶️Psychological safety 🧭Journaling ▶️Accounting for care ▶️Internal support systems 🔍Practice, Case Study & Resources

Conflict & Feedback

▶️ Dealing with team conflict 🧭Journaling ▶️ Personal approaches to conflict 🛠 Exercise: Trigger log ▶️ Giving & receiving feedback 🛠 Exercise: Understanding my story 🔍 Practice, Case Study & Resources


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