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BEng in Computer Science

What is Computer Science?

The BEng(CompSc) programme is a programme that offers a solid education in the fundamental and essential areas of computing. It is a timely and practical curriculum that is essential for aspiring students and future IT professionals. Upon completion of this curriculum, students will be well-equipped with both basic and advanced knowledge in computer science, which aims to better prepare students to launch their careers in the IT industry and/or to pursue postgraduate studies in this area.

Computer science is a fast-growing discipline. Its importance is evident in the profound impact that the use of computers has on our lives. Computer science education is now as indispensable as any of the traditional programmes in any established university.


Highlights of the programme:

Flexibility – Students can use elective credits to satisfy a second major or a minor programme.

Research opportunities – Outstanding students will have the opportunity to undertake research projects supervised by renowned professors.

Capstone Experience – Students have to join an internship in the industry and work on a final project which could be a research-based or software-development or industry-based project.

Wiring that forms the backbone of the CS Department’s Gideon-II Super Cluster

  • Programme
    Civil Engineering is the science and art of utilising natural resources and power for the beneficial use of mankind. Civil Engineers are responsible for the design, construction and safe-keeping of our infrastructure and built environment. They ensure that our buildings, roads and bridges are safe and effective, our slopes are safe from failures, our stormwater drainage systems are adequate to prevent flooding, our wastewater is collected, and treated properly to protect our environment, and all components of our infrastructure are functioning in a safe, comfortable and sustainable manner. The 4-year programme provides students with the academic qualification towards the professional status of a Civil Engineer. The Main Subject Areas of studies included: 1. Construction Management 2. Environmental Engineering (e.g. wastewater treatment, solid waste treatment) 3. Geotechnical engineering (e.g. engineering geology, soil mechanics, foundation design) 4. Structural engineering (e.g. analysis and design of concrete and steel structures) 5. Transportation Engineering
  • Professional Recognition
    The BEng(CivE) programme is fully accredited by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE). Honours degree graduates meet the academic requirements for corporate membership of HKIE. Most of our graduates become corporate members of HKIE and obtain the status of Registered Professional Engineer after three or more years of approved working experience.
  • Career Prospects
    Our graduates have been contributing to the design, construction and safe-keeping of the impressive infrastructure in Hong Kong as well as in other places of the world. Most of our graduates are employed by works departments in the Hong Kong Government, engineering consultant firms and construction companies. They work on all types of infrastructure development projects; such as those related to highways projects, transportation-related projects, building projects, water supply projects, drainage and flood prevention projects, environmental engineering and pollution control projects.


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