BEng in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management [IELM]

What is Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management?

  • Apply engineering approaches to managing industrial, logistics and financial operations

  • Maximise quality, productivity and sustainability through optimal deployment of 5Ms (men, machines, materials, methods, and money)

  • Manage product and service innovations and global supply chains

  • Develop professional skills for systematic problem solving

Guided Study Focus

Typical Subjects

  • Operational research
  • Global logistics systems
  • Financial engineering
  • Quality management
  • E-commerce
  • Industrial analytics
  • Robotics and smart systems
  • Virtual reality
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Human systems interaction

Career Prospects

Banks and Finance Business Analyst / Investment Analyst / Operations Analyst Consultancy Management Consultant / Management Analyst / Systems Analyst Logistics and Transport Planning Manager / Logistics Engineer / Project Engineer / Scheduling Engineer Services and Manufacturing Operations Manager / Quality Engineer/Manager / Supply Chain Manager /
Director of Manufacturing / Process Design Engineer / Product Engineer /
Production Engineer/Manager Further Studies in Graduate Programs


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