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Engineering InnoShow

The Engineering InnoShow is a showcase carnival that celebrates innovative Engineering student projects at the end of every semester. The showcase offers a vibrant, interdisciplinary and hands-on learning platform for students to create their own impact, in and out of the classroom. The showcases also paint a concrete picture of what constitutes an exemplary work and open pathways for junior students to look at Engineering through the lens of senior students. Participating students will have the opportunity to expound on their inventive design, research and projects; harness timely and constructive feedback given by peers, teachers, industry experts and the public through knowledge exchange; and spin talent and ideas into innovative (re)inventions. The Engineering InnoShow is a unique concoction of its missions and vision.

To encourage more students to join the Show and to promote innovative student projects, a number of awards were presented, including The Dean’s Fund Award; Microsoft Innovation Prize and the Best Project Award.