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HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme

The “HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Engineering)” (the Scheme) is a competitive scheme for high-calibre students with excellent academic credentials. Under the Scheme, selected BEng students will study at HKU for the first two years, and continue their studies at the University of Cambridge for their third to fifth year of studies. Upon successful completion of the five years of studies, students will be conferred the Master of Engineering, the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and the Master of Arts degrees by the University of Cambridge, and the Bachelor of Engineering degree by HKU.

*Only first year students reading for the BEng, BEng(BME), BEng(EngSc) and GEBP are eligible to apply for the Scheme. BEng(CompSc), BASc(FinTech) and BEng(DS&E) students are not eligible for the Scheme

Entrance Scholarship for Undergraduate Engineering Students

To attract high caliber students, the Faculty of Engineering established the “Entrance Scholarship for Undergraduate Engineering Students” in 2023. Scholarships shall be awarded annually to first-year full-time undergraduate students enrolled in UGC-funded programmes on the basis of their academic performance at prevailing public examinations for admissions to the Faculty. Subject to satisfactory academic performance in the first year, the Scholarship shall be tenable for two years.

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