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Double degree, Major and Minor Options

Under the flexible structure, high-calibre students are allowed to pursue double degree
in BEng/BBA; BEng(BME)/BBA or major/minor options in a variety of disciplines.

Double degree in BEng/BBA or BEng(BME)/BBA

Engineering students can pursue double degree in BEng/BBA in addition to a choice from the 7 BEng programmes or BEng(BME)/BBA, provided that they meet the additional admissions requirements.

Major options

BEng(CompSc), BEng(EngSc) and BASc(FinTech) students can opt for second major study in either another engineering discipline, or areas of study offered by other faculties, by completion of additional 12 to 16 courses in a second major option.

Minor options

Students can opt for minor study in either another engineering discipline, or areas of study offered by other faculties. In general, students have to complete 6 to 8 courses in a minor in additional to their study in the BEng programme.