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Duckietown 2019

- A playful way to learning AI and robotics -


Team: WOO Chung Yu (BEng(CompSc), NG Ka Lok (BEng(ME)), YIP Tsz Fung (BEng(ME)), CHEN Wu Juang (BEng(CompSc), CHING King Kim (BEng(CompSc)), LI Jason Chun Lok (BEng(EE))

Project Supervisor: Dr Y.K. CHOI (Department of Computer Science)

Supporting Fund: Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, H.K.U.E.A.A. Experiential Learning Fund & Gallant Ho Experiential Learning Fund


Duckietown Project is an interdisciplinary robotics project that aims to democratise A.I. and robotics research. Through this project, students will gain tangible experience in a fun and playful way in prototyping self-driving robots and applying A.I. to the physical education platform developed by MIT for experiential learning.

A project highlight is the students’ participation

in the A.I. Driving Olympics (AI-DO) international

contests, with the live final events, co-locate with

NIPS and ICRA, the prestigious conferences in

A.I. and robotics. Through the preparation of the competitions for over half a year, students will undergo intensive training, foster peer collaborations, solidify their knowledge and demonstrate a sustainable learning outcome. Students will compete in employing their A.I. models to perform autonomous real-life tasks (e.g. lane following, point-to-point navigation) on a physical platform. The trips to the live competitions of AI-DO allow students to meet peer contestants of common interest from other academic institutions (e.g. MIT, Tsinghua University, Georgia Tech), and at the same time to conduct intellectual and experience exchange on A.I. and robotics with students and researchers around the globe.

Second runner-up in AI Driving Olympics at ICRA 2019

Among 192 competitors from all over the world and a majority of research teams, “HKU DuckieTown Team” formed by six engineering undergraduates seized the 2nd runner-up in the lane-following challenge of the “AI Driving Olympics” held by the Duckietown Foundation at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Montreal, Canada on May 20-22, 2019.





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