[JS6937] Global Engineering and Business Programme

(which leads to a Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering and
Bachelor of Business Administration Double Degree)

The Global Engineering and Business Programme is a BEng/BEng(BME) and BBA double degree programme jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics. The programme features are as follows:

  • This is an inter-disciplinary programme in which students will acquire professional knowledge in both Engineering and Business in a global perspective.

  • Students will undertake the first four years of study focusing in BEng or BEng(BME) curriculum, with a number of courses in Business. After completion, students will obtain a degree of BEng or BEng(BME). The fifth year of study is leading to the degree of BBA with one of the following majors:

    • Major in Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation
      (Note: Candidates must undergo a selection process arranged by the Programme Coordinator for EDI)

    • Major in Finance

    • Major in Human Resource Management

    • Major in Information Systems and Analytics
      (Note: Major in ISA is not open to candidates of BEng in Computer Science)

    • Major in Marketing

  • The fifth year is offered on self-financing basis*.

*The fifth year of this double-degree programme is offered on self-financing basis, which means that the tuition fee for this year will be higher than the standard fee applicable to the Government-funded programmes. The exact amount will be announced at a later stage. Students enrolled in the fifth year may apply for financial assistance under the Government Non-means Tested Loan Scheme, subject to the prevailing regulations of the Scheme.