BEng in Electrical Engineering

What is Electrical Engineering?

The Electrical Engineering programme is designed to provide students with a sound fundamental education in all areas of electrical engineering. As electrical energy is the backbone of modern civilization, the programme has received overwhelming support from the government and leading industries, including the offer of many scholarships, prizes, training places and employment. The core of the programme equip students with fundamental knowledge in electrical engineering, including electromagnetic theory, energy conversion, electronics, communications, signal processing, information technology, control theory, computers and software engineering. Through the choice of electives, students may subsequently specialize in electrical energy related areas, such as electric power systems, electric railways, electric vehicles, power electronics and building services. Our aim is to educate students to become professional electrical engineers to meet the societal needs.

A moment of the historical building meeting the modern electric car

FOCUS of the programme

Students may organize their study of disciplinary elective courses to specialize in one of the following focuses:

  • Smart Power Systems
  • Modern Electric Transportation
  • Intelligent Built Environment

Career Prospects

  • Government, transportation and public utilities
  • Technology and finance companies
  • Further studies


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