A magnet for talents,
a platform to stimulate. 

HKU Faculty of Engineering is committed to fostering contemporary engineering education for students to contribute to the industry and addressing the changing needs of the community. In keeping with this commitment, the Faculty has established the “Innovation Academy” to provide every student with the opportunities and intellectual inspiration to innovate and pursue their engineering passion.

The Innovation Academy is a hub for attracting and cultivating new generation of talents, not only scholars and researchers, but also industry leaders and influencers. It works like an accelerator for inspiration and implementation.


Inspirational programmes and activities

A series of programmes and activities are designed to capture three goals: Inspire, Equip and Showcase, and to encourage think-out-of-the-box mindset within students. We will also engage teachers, students and stakeholders like industry advisors.



It aims to encourage engineering participation in tackling pressing issues of the time for all HKU Engineering students. This problem-based programme develops students' competencies in acquiring and applying knowledge, problem solving, teamwork, communication, and experimental skills. Professors who are experts in those fields are invited to provide training workshops.



In an increasingly complicated world, there is a high demand of well-rounded talents with holistic education who can comprehend and solve complex problems that transcend disciplines. InnoHub is dedicated to providing a platform to connect students from the ten faculties at HKU for cross-disciplinary collaboration and to prepare them for addressing the grand challenges of the world.


This project pitching event aims to provide students with opportunities to present their project ideas and recruit prospective teammates and academic advisors. The learning process helps to improve students’ ability to effectively advocate an idea or project to a large group of audience. It also allows flexibility for students to form their own team and grow their community of interest and passion.

Sharing by innovators

Guest speakers of diverse backgrounds, such as innovators, entrepreneurs, industry partners, researchers or alumni, are invited to share their insights on innovation-related topics and successful stories. The format of the sharing is flexible spanning from talks to one-on-one dialogue to panel discussion.

Workshop on advanced technologies

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing houses a number of thematic workshops for advanced technologies and/or research outcomes from pioneering Engineering projects in the Faculty of Engineering. The concept is borrowed from writer-in-residence to create opportunities for active exchange and learning.


Student-initiated Course

“Learning by teaching” helps to train up students’ confidence, organizational and communication skills. The Student-initiated course is a student-run experiential activity to design, develop and teach a course on a technology-related topic under the supervision of a Faculty Advisor. Student or student teams may propose class(es) of special interest which are not covered in formal engineering curriculum.


The Engineering InnoShow is a showcase carnival that celebrates and demonstrates the outcome of learning and creation at the end of every semester. Students can illustrate their inventive design, demonstrate their research and projects, harness constructive feedbacks from peers, teachers, industry experts and the public through knowledge exchange, and spin their ideas into innovative (re)inventions.

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Funding Scheme for student projects and activities

The Funding Scheme for student projects/activities by Tam Wing Fan Innovation Fund and Philomathia Foundation Innovation Fund aims to identify, engage and nurture student projects/activities with creative potential to tackle emerging complex engineering problems in the world. The funded projects/activities should focus on out-of-classroom learning experience with the aims of aligning with the vision and missions of the Faculty of Engineering and the Innovation Academy.

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