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Student sharing

Biomedical Engineering

study at HKU

Vyas Shyama Tejas

BEng in Biomedical Engineering, Year 3

Exchange & internship experience in Engineering

Lam Tsz Long

BEng in Mechanical Engineering, Year 4

Journey to passion for research

Levinna Natalia

PhD student, Department of Civil Engineering

Choosing research as career

Wan Lap Yin Wilson

BEng in Civil Engineering, 2021 Graduate

Thriving academic opportunity for research

Liu Ruoying, Chole

BEng in Civil Engineering, 2021 Graduate

Going abroad experience & networking

Dixon Chan

BEng in Mechanical Engineering, Year 4

HKU-SCF Scholarship in Financial Technology

Lee Sze-choi, Rain

BASc in Financial Technology, Year 2

Exchange & Experiental Learning

Alima Medetova

BEng in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, Year 4

My life at HKU

Nguyen Huan Pham

BEng in Computer Science Year 2

Service Learning

Maitraee Mistry

BEng in Biomedical Engineering, Year 4

Exploring my career path

Meng Zihan

BEng in Electrical Engineering, Year 4

My HKU BME experience

Rachel Natalie

BEng in Biomedical Engineering, Year 4

Electrical Engineering study at HKU

Lau Hok Yee

BEng in Electrical Engineering, Year 4

Sharing of Project Mingde

Sunway Wang

BEng in Civil Engineering, Year 3

Cross-faculties learning at HKU

Lai Mei Kwan, Eva

BASc in Financial Technology, Year 4

Life at HKU as Engineering student

Bae Soohyun

BEng in Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management, Year 4

HKU Academic life & Experience

Gracia Trinita

BEng in Biomedical Engineering, Year 3

Out-of-Classroom Learning Experience at HKU

Brian Istvan Giam

BEng in Engineering Science, Year 3

Exchange programme and scholarship opportunities

Shek Tsz-chun

BEng in Mechanical Engineering,Year 4

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme

Nirmani Nayanathara Rathnayake

BEng in Electronic Engineering, Year 4

Passion with Data Science

Mario Chandra

BEng in Data Science and Engineering,  Year 2

Create your journey with HKU

Emmanuella Nhyira Agormeda-tetteh

BEng in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, Year 4

Start-up life after graduation

Anwel Muhammad Saad Shahid

BEng in Computer Engineering, 

2021 Graduate

Never regret for choosing BASc FinTech

Liao Jiayang, Susan

BASc in Financial Technology, Year 4

Developing robots

Kwok Ho Ting, Hostin

BEng in Electrical Engineering,

2021 Graduate

Experiential Learning at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing

Chow Jo-yi

BEng in Engineering Science, Year 3

Globalink Research Internship - Experience Sharing

Anchit Mishra

BEng in Computer Science, Year 4

Dean’s Club and my summer study at Oxford

Lau Sum

BEng in Engineering Science, Year 2

Innovation & Technology Scholarship

Cheung Yau-mei

BEng in Mechanical Engineering,Year 4

Student's feedback on experiential learning

Feedback-Jimmy Chan_Swire.jpg

I joined the internship programme organised by HKU and the Boeing Company in the US. This exposure greatly widened my eyesight and taught me the latest technology in aircraft manufacturing as well as how to achieve the highest standard.

BEng in Mechanical Engineering
Internship at the Boeing Company

Jimmy Chan

Feedback-Leung Chun Hei.jpg

By participating in Project Mingde, we have a better understanding on the construction process and building techniques, such as mixing cement mortar, plastering, tile-laying and suchlike. These practical skills were essential for engineering students in their future careers. Apart from learning how to build, we were given opportunities to communicate with the contractors and clients. Progress meetings were held to discuss the construction progress and problems encountered during the work. It was an adventurous and eye-opening experience for me!

BEng in Civil Engineering 
Project Mingde - Vietnamese Secondary School Swimming Pond Construction Project 2019

Leung Chun-hei

Feedback-Kenny Siu and Jacky Lee.jpg

We formed a team with three fellow schoolmates from the Faculty of Architecture of HKU. This multi-disciplinary collaboration not only allowed us to work with students from other disciplines, but also provided us opportunities to interact with architects, surveyors and urban planners. It was indeed a valuable experience that could hardly find in the university coursework. It equipped us to become an all-rounded civil engineer in the future.

BEng in Civil Engineering
Champion of the Building Information Modelling Competition 2019 organised by the Construction Industry Council

Kenny Siu and Jacky Lee

Feedback-Shek Tsz Chun.jpg

I participated a Designathon organised by a fellow classmate. Participants were required to design a foldable chair and produce a prototype by 3D-printing within 48 hours. This experience taught me the importance of thinking out of the box and use our engineering expertise to improve our daily lives. It was an extraordinary experience for me to study at the University College London for six months.

BEng in Mechanical Engineering 
HKU Worldwide Student Exchange Programme in University College London, UK

Shek Tsz-chun

Feedback-Angel Woo.jpg

The competitive study environment at HKU has pushed me to search for my motivation in study and my career goal. I have learnt to be proactive, to seize opportunities for learning and different work experiences. Taking part in hackathons and international conferences served as a valuable learning experience for me to put my knowledge in real application. It allows me to realise the importance of computer science study and the impact it has brought to the world.

BEng in Computer Science 
One of the recipients of Innovation and Technology Scholarship 2019

Angel Woo

Feedback-Molly Rathore.jpg

Professors at the University of British Columbia come from all across the world from different cultures and ethnicities. They paid attention to each and every need of students, from academic studies to students’ personal needs. Besides, UBC’s academic culture intensely focuses on continuous evaluation and class participation is highly encouraged.

BEng in Electrical Engineering 
HKU Worldwide Student Exchange Programme in University of British Columbia, Canada 

Molly Rathore

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