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For interdisciplinary hands on and experiential learning:

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing

Practical hands-on and experiential learning activities are indispensable in engineering education nowadays. HKU Faculty of Engineering has established Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing (Innovation Wing) is established to create an atmosphere of Creativity, Openness, and Vibrancy to foster interdisciplinary innovations among students and teachers in Engineering and Technology. Our drive for innovation is further backed by the University Grants Committee and a generous donation from Mr and Mrs Tam Wing Fan.

The two-storeyed Innovation Wing covers 2,400m2 of floor area which is located on the G/F and LG/F of the Hui Oi Chow Science Building, a strategic and prominent location at HKU, where the University Street connects the original and the new parts of the HKU Main Campus. Situated next to the HKU MTR Station and the buildings of the Faculty of Engineering at the "heart" of the Main Campus, students and future engineers will have more opportunities to develop and actualise ideas, from the whiteboard to the real world, in this state-of-the-art facility.

Dr. C.K. Chui, Director of Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing of Faculty of Engineering, said, “The Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing goes beyond an iconic landmark with world-class facilities, it becomes an enabling platform for Engineering undergraduate students where the seeds of young and creative minds will germinate and thrive.”


Dream Chamber

Inspiring advanced technology workshops

Innovation Wing also houses a number of thematic workshops for advanced technologies and/or research outcomes from pioneer Engineering projects led by Professors/researchers in the Faculty of Engineering. Workshops with the themes related to healthcare technology, artificial intelligence and robotics, advanced and new materials, smart technology for better living, green energy and sustainability, and VR technology etc. are set up in the Innovation Wing. Students have the chance to get in touch with the advanced technology and learn from the Professors who are experts in related areas and apply what they have learnt to tackle the grand challenges in the world. For example, in the workshop about new and advanced materials, there is a research-grade 3D printer that uses micro stereo lithography technology to produce highly precise parts with a resolution in micron scale.


Makerspace and assembling area

Electronic Workbench.jpg

Electronic workbenches

Turns idea into reality

Innovation Wing is equipped with comprehensive prototyping facilities and equipment for students to turns idea into reality. The maker space offers a spacious assembling area that can accommodate more than 100 students to work on their hands-on projects. Surrounding the assembling area is a number of specialised workshops equipped with the state-of-the-art digital controlled facilities such as 3D printing machines, laser cutting and engraving machines, waterjet cutting machine, measuring tools, hand/power toolsets and specialised electronic workbenches, etc. The digital innovation zone offers computer-aid design studio, multimedia and podcast studio, AR/VR studio and special project studios for supporting innovation with digital technology.

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Machine workshop

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Sparkling environment for disseminating ideas and achievements

Innovation Wing encourages sharing of ideas and peer learning. Poster hallway, project wall and social media sharing platform will be set up for displaying and sharing of inventions, ideas and achievements. A seminar stage with LED wall is located next to a relaxing brainstorming area, and students can exchange ideas by giving technology talks, showcasing their inventive design, and harnessing timely and constructive feedback by peers, teachers, and the public.

Brainstorming area

The establishment of the Innovation Wing will create an atmosphere of Creativity, Openness, and Vibrancy.


It will create a nurturing learning and research environment to foster creative minds and innovative culture of the students and staff members.


The transparent design of the Innovation Wing denotes a welcoming design between student activities carried out in the Innovation Wing and the people passing by in the University Street. It is a golden opportunity to showcase the achievements of HKU Engineering to the public.


The Innovation Wing will facilitate active student-initiated hands-on and experiential learning activities.

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A hub of interdisciplinary research to catalyse the discovery of innovative and impactful engineering technologies:

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two (Innovation Wing Two) serves as an enabling platform for Engineering researchers to interact and collaborate synergistically with researchers across various disciplines to tackle grand challenges and deliver research outputs with a significant impact on Hong Kong and global communities.


Innovation Wing Two is located at G/F of Run Run Shaw Building and is connected with Innovation Wing One via a covered walkway. With a new phase added to the Innovation Wing, a holistic platform is formed to provide more opportunities in innovation education and research to researchers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students from various disciplines. 


A wide variety of research-related activities and initiatives, including exhibitions and weekly research talks, are conducted by Faculty members and their PhD students. These activities serve to enhance the engagement with the community and show the strength of the Faculty in research and attract interested academics and industry professionals for in-depth communications and collaborations. The state-of-the-art facilities allow the Faculty to advance its cutting-edge research fronts and expand its research network with academia and industry in the global context.


TechTalk series

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IW2 Exhibition.jpg


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