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Entrusting and empowering our future innovators

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing One aims to unleash students’ creativity by entrusting them to spearhead ambitious innovation and technology projects that will shape the future. The iconic facility is located at the heart of the campus, offering 2,400m2 of space with state-of-the-art resources and a supportive environment. Innovation Wing One encourages students to push the boundaries of their imaginations and collaborate across disciplines, fostering groundbreaking solutions to real-world challenges. The atmosphere of creativity, openness and vibrancy fosters interdisciplinary innovations among students and faculty members in Engineering and Technology.

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Podcast studio

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3D printers

Inspiring advanced technology workshops

The thematic workshops enable students to get in touch with advanced technologies and learn from the faculty members who are experts in the related areas and apply what they have learnt to tackle the grand challenges in the world. For example, in the workshop about new and advanced materials, there is a research-grade 3D Printer that uses micro stereolithography technology to produce highly precise parts with a resolution in micron scale. The workshop on generative AI technologies offers high-performance computing devices and access to cloud computing resources to facilitate the learning and development of advanced AI applications for social good.

Turning idea into reality

Innovation Wing is equipped with comprehensive prototyping facilities and equipment for students to turn ideas into reality. It offers a spacious assembling area with state-of-the-art digitally controlled facilities, such as 3D printers, laser cutting and engraving machines, waterjet cutting machine, measuring tools, hand/power toolsets, and specialised electronic workbenches, for our students to work on their hands-on projects. The digital innovation zone includes a computer-aided design studio, multimedia and podcast studio, and AR/VR studio to support students’ innovation with digital technology.

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Sparkling environment for disseminating ideas and achievements

Innovation Wing encourages knowledge exchange and peer learning. Poster hallway, project wall and social media sharing platform are set up for displaying and sharing inventions, ideas and achievements. A seminar stage with an LED wall is located next to the relaxing brainstorming area where students can exchange ideas, showcase their inventive designs and harness timely and constructive feedback from peers and faculty members.

Machine workshop

Energetic and enthusiastic Student Interest Groups (SIGs)

The Student Interest Group (SIG) programme encourages students with common interests to work together on student-led projects. It attracts not only Engineering students, but also students from other Faculties to collaborate on technology innovative projects.

Electronic workbench


Brainstorming area

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Discovery of innovative and impactful engineering technologies

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two has emerged as an
empowering platform for engineering researchers, facilitating synergistic interaction and collaboration with professionals and researchers from various disciplines. This convergence enables researchers to address grand challenges and deliver research outputs with significant impact on Hong Kong and global communities.


On the Edge of Discovery

Innovation Wing Two is located at G/F of Run Run Shaw
Building and is connected with Innovation Wing One via
a covered walkway. It serves as an essential platform to
disseminate the Faculty’s latest research achievements,
findings and outputs to the broader HKU and Hong Kong communities.


A wide variety of research-related activities and initiatives including themed exhibitions and weekly TechTalks are conducted by our Faculty members and their PhD students. These activities not only enhance the engagement with the community and show the strength of the Faculty in research, but also attract academics and industry professionals for in-depth communications and collaborations. It allows the Faculty to advance its cutting-edge research fronts and expand its research network with academia and industry in the global context.


TechTalk series

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